Dear Families,
Welcome back to another amazing school year! I am so happy to see all of your familiar faces as
well as meet our new families. This is an especially exciting year at Diego! We are sure to have
a great partnership in your child’s education.
Here are a few policy reminders/updates as we get started:
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There are several ways to stay informed here at Diego:

1- Take a look at the monthly calendar
2- Review relevant website announcements at
3- Sign-up for email blasts (in the main office)
4- Email the principal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5- Visit our next LSC meeting on September 27 th at 9:15am
6- Attend Open House on September 13 th at 4:00pm

This year, due to staffing, scheduling, and spacing constraints, the doors to the school will open promptly at 8:35am each morning for grades PK-8. Pre-School should enter through door 1 or 17. First through fifth grade should enter through door 1 and go straight to the hallway of their classroom. There is adult supervision at each location and breakfast will be served in their homerooms. Parents of pre-school and Kinder students are allowed in the building for drop-off, but must depart by 9:05am. We are kindly requesting that all parents for all other grades drop off students at the doors. Middle School students should enter through door 8 (by the auditorium) and head directly to 135 to secure their cell phones. The warning bell rings at 8:40am. All students should arrive at school at 8:40am at the latest. Please ensure students get here on time. Instruction begins immediately at 8:45am. Before & After School Care Since the doors do not open before 8:35am, I realize this may cause scheduling conflicts with morning care for work schedules. Additionally, I know many parents work later that 3:45pm. If you need child care, the YMCA offers on-site programming for all grade-levels (they also service Sabin and Pritzker in our building, too). You can see them in the main hallway during entry this week, at Open House, or set-up an in-person appointment. Programming begins September 11, 2017.

Teachers in each grade-level have determined if lockers are the most convenient way to store students’ belongings. Speak with your homeroom teacher about specific locker questions. Middle school students will not be assigned regular lockers this year, only cell phone lockers. Please see a copy of the policy that was distributed at the Back-to- School Block Party. This information will be sent home again this week. Extra copies are available in the main office. 

Students are expected to have the necessary supplies requested by each teacher/grade-level. If you need support getting these supplies, the Katten, Muchin, Rosenman Law Firm has generously donated plenty of these including: backpacks, paper, pens, folders, and notebooks. Please contact the main office or your child’s homeroom teacher if you need anything. 

Please refer to a copy of the uniform policy, which is available on the website or in the main office. Students are required to be in their uniform each and every day. 

Students in grades 1-8 will be walked downstairs by a teacher at 3:45pm. First through third grades will exit from door 1. Teachers have a designated area for pick-up to ensure they see each adult that comes. Fourth and fifth grades exit from door 2. Middle school exits from door 8. Students who are not picked up by 3:55 will be walked to the main office to call home. All walking students in first through third grade need to inform homeroom teachers in written form that students will be walking or picked up by a sibling. We are kindly requesting that all parents in grades 1-8 wait outside for students to be dismissed to alleviate a large number of adults in the front foyer. Pre-K and Kinder parents should enter through door 17. Pre-K can come to the classroom doors for pickup. All Pre-K students need to be signed out on the daily log. Kinder parents will pick-up in the hallway of 101/102. We ask that all Pre-K and Kinder parents exit through door 17 as well to help ease the traffic flow. The doors will open promptly at 3:45pm. There is no standing or parking allowed on Claremont. Police will be ticketing cars who park on Claremont.

Recess and lunch periods are 45 minutes daily. These periods run from 11:00 to 1:25. Grade-levels are staggered to ensure no more than six classrooms are together at any given time. This allows classrooms to be assigned a supervisor to monitor both the lunch and recess time more effectively. Some grade-levels eat as early as 11:00 or as late as 1:00. Teachers of these classes should have sent out a letter allowing an afternoon snack time. Please contact your child’s teacher directly with any questions regarding snacks. For recess, we will try to go outside as much as possible with the exception of rain or freezing weather. Make sure students have on comfortable shoes and appropriate jackets in preparation for the seasons changing. Indoor recess is held in common, open spaces and will still allow for plenty of movement. 

As you may have noticed, we have been under heavy construction again all summer. The bulk of the work is complete, but the project will not be finished until October. This will not have an impact on instruction. The building exterior and interior is safe for students. We are thrilled with the new ceilings, windows, painting, POD rooms, lunchroom, and more. They did a fabulous job giving us a well-deserved makeover. We cannot wait to show it off to stakeholders around the city. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. 


Jacqueline Menoni, Principal
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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