Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week has been a very exciting start to the third quarter! Teachers have been diligently planning around middle of year scores from both TRC/mClass in grades K-2 and NWEA in grades 3-8. This week also began our After-School Enrichment program in grades 3-8. We are confident that students are going to see great success at the end of the school year in their academic achievements!

It is very important that we take some time as a school community to reflect on our school-wide attendance. Last year, we ended the year at 92.1%, which is far below the district goal of 96%. This year, we are trending below 94% already, and I am very concerned about our continued progress as a school. If students are not here receiving instruction, their grades and performance will certainly be impacted. It is extremely important to note that it does not matter whether an absence is excused or unexcused - it still counts against your child’s attendance. I have pushed attendance incentives across all grade-levels. Homeroom teachers should have ample information regarding attendance at the classroom level. Many parents received letters home about attendance this week. Many parents will continue to receive calls from the teachers about attendance. Every day and every minute at school matters!

I want to stress that unless there is an emergency or an extreme illness, students need to be in school, on-time, every day. Instruction begins immediately. Students who come tardy are already missing key moments of the day. Additionally, early dismissals are frowned upon. Students are receiving instruction in core subjects through the duration of the day. Doctor appointments must be scheduled outside of school hours, whenever possible.

Lastly, I know this winter has been a tough one. The snow and cold continue to be a bother. However, cold weather and snow are NOT valid reasons to take a day off school. We have a warm building and plenty of hard work to complete in our classrooms. Taking a day due to weather will negatively impact your child’s success. I am expecting to see our attendance percentage continue to increase. I appreciate all your efforts in ensuring the best education for your children. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Dr. Jacqueline Menoni

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