Updated 7/31/17

Jose De Diego is still in the midst of the interior renovation project that began immediately following the close of school for the summer, 2017. In the previous summer the building was closed for exterior brick work, new roofing, and renovation of the skylights in the small gymnasium and lunch rooms.

Currently, the crew inside Diego is remodeling classrooms by removing walls, reconfiguring spaces, restoring plaster and paint, replacing the ceilings, and new windows will be installed. Rooms with aging air conditioning units will have new units installed.

During this renovation, however, the building will remain closed; not only to visitors, but staff as well. We will announce when the offices will be reopen.



Check back here often for information on upcoming events and activities.

Thank you for visiting Jose De Diego Community Academy. As you can see from this website, we are making many improvements to our community. This includes a major classroom and hallway renovation project over summer 2017. It included a refurbishment to the roof and brickwork last summer (2016). And It will also include a revamping of our online footprint. 

During these upgrades, however, for personal (and personnel) safety the building will be closed until very close to the beginning of the school year. If you have questions regarding the updates and improvements, enrolling your children, or organizing as a current family. Direct your inquiries to the contact form linked below. Otherwise, continue to revisit this site for news and updates as we get closer to reopening the 2017-2018 school year.

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